Properties Values

Aim for the Best

Autumn Properties aims to be the best real estate agency in Canberra.

We believe that being the best means being able to provide you with the highest levels of service, and at the best rates.

At Autumn Properties we believe that the key to achieving this goal is through the development of strong relationships with our owners, buyers and tenants, understanding your needs, and then working to meet them in a timely and collaborative way.


We don't take a cookie-cutter approach to our service and will work to tailor our services to your individual needs.

Amazing Rates

The best real estate services do not have to come at the highest price.

We are consistently able to beat other agencies in town in rates and service.

Guaranteed Service

We guarantee you will be happy with our level of service.

We are so confident that we offer all of our property management services without any exit fees.

About Our Process

Direct Communication

Will always come to you- no need to drive in to the office
  • We promise to be available to you quickly and through your preferred contact medium.
  • We are text-message friendly agency, and are happy to communicate with you via text message if this is what you prefer
  • We will always communicate with you regarding any potential maintenance or issues, and allow you the choice of contractor.
  • We will provide you with consistent information regarding your property, including inspections or any other points of interest or concern.

Monthly Check-ins

Will always come to you- no need to drive in to the office
  • We will provide you with a monthly dispersement of your rent, and include in our communication any relevant or new information.
  • Rent and other payments are monitored on the first of every month, and any discrepancies are followed up immediately.
  • Monthly statements are provided on the same day each month, and yearly financial statements are provided without extra charge.
  • Any maintenance or other issues are followed up regularly and you will be kept updated

Ongoing Management

  • Regular property inspections.
  • Available to your tenants, whenever they need.
  • Continued development of positive relationships between all our owners and tenants.
  • Always here to help you with whatever else you may need.