Maintenance checklist

Urgent maintenance? Call Nathan as soon as possible on 0439 077 467 and then fill out an online maintenance request form if situation allows.

Non-urgent maintenance? Complete the online maintenance request form or send through an email detailing the request.

Maintenance request goes to landlord for approval.

The office will contact you to arrange a time for repair.

Be available to let tradesman in for repair, or give permission for the use of an office key.

Please note that tenants are responsible for day to day maintenance of the property for items such as blown light-bulbs that do not require professional assistance.

Your maintenance responsibilities

Inform Autumn Properties as soon as you become aware of a maintenance issue.

Take care of the property and its fittings, and ensure it remains in the same condition as when you began your lease.

Undertake general property maintenance that would be normally expected of an untrained person, such as replacement of lightbulbs, and maintenance of the garden such as mowing the lawn and pulling out weeds.

Maintenance procedures and guidelines.

We at Autumn Properties believe that necessary maintenance should be undertaken as quickly and as painlessly as possible. For the quickest possible outcome please refer to the maintenance checklist to the left.

Please only call if the maintenance request is of an urgent nature, this allows us to prioritise urgent requests.

Defining urgent maintenance

Urgent maintenance is defined in the Residential Tenancies Act and are considered to be repairs to correct serious problems or faults that could be dangerous to the tenant, or others or those which may cause substantial damage to the property or its contents. You may contact your property manager at any time of the day or night for urgent repairs.

Please be aware that tenants are responsible for all maintenance costs that are the result of tenant activities including accident or negligence, intentional damage or any other damage that was caused by your activities living at the property.

Examples of urgent repairs would be;
• A burst water service
• A serious roof leak
• A gas leak
• A dangerous electrical fault
• Flooding or serious flood damage
• Serious storm or fire damage
• A failure of gas, electricity or water supply to the property
• The failure of a refrigerator supplied with the property
• A failure or breakdown of any service on the property essential for hot water, cooking, heating or laundering
• A fault or damage that causes the residential property to be unsafe or insecure
• A serious fault in any door, staircase, lift or other common area which inhibits or unduly inconveniences the tenant in gaining access to and use of the property
• A fault or damage likely to cause injury to person or property.

When may a tenant arrange for urgent maintenance?

In the first instance tenants must attempt to contact your property manager, Nathan on 0439 077 467 to arrange for the necessary emergency repair. You must not undertake any repairs without first contacting Nathan.

If you are unable to contact Nathan within in a reasonable time period, you may authorise repairs not exceeding a maximum cost of 5% of your annual rental cost.

You must contact a tradesperson listed in your residential tenancy agreement, or if unavailable a qualified tradesperson.

Please note that failure to follow these processes may result in you being liable for the cost of any repairs made without authorisation.


We value your time, and at Autumn we are happy to
receive text messages for a quick response!

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