Why choose Autumn Properties for your property management needs?

    Single, dedicated property manager
    Meet anytime, anywhere
    Zero tolerance rent arrears policy
    Absolute commitment to service
    Unbeatable value
    3 month total satisfaction guarantee

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Changing property management in Canberra- FOREVER!

Autumn Properties believes that property management should come at a fair and reasonable price, and that you should always expect the very highest level of care and attention is paid to your most valuable asset.

For too long agencies in Canberra have offered mediocre services, at outrageous prices up to 11% or more of your total rental income.

Autumn Properties seeks to bring balance to the Canberra market, offering an exceptional property management service at the best rates in town.

We promise to always pay your property the attention it deserves, and you can expect to have a single, dedicated property manager, who you can contact – day or night!