Supporting Our Tenants

At Autumn we believe that our tenants are just as important as our landlords, and so we work to build positive working relationships with all our tenants. We do this by keeping in close contact, and encouraging contact if there is ever any issues.

We hope to make everything as easy as possible for our tenants, from application, to inspections, to maintenance and anything in between. We take a great deal of time ensuring that our chosen tenants are the best possible match for the property, and when we find excellent tenants, we believe they deserve excellent treatment.

At Autumn we proactively reward our good tenants, by providing written positive references upon checkout to give them the edge on other applicants, when applying for other properties in the future. A reference from Autumn Properties automatically shows any other agency that we appreciate the effort put in whilst a tenant in an Autumn property, and that we strongly recommend them.

Additionally we aim to work closely with tenants on any issues such as maintenance and whatever else we can assist with.